CFG Services, making geothermics simple. A subsidiary of the BRGM.

Job vacancies


Carrying out the project

Customised methods for a better control of the technical constraints

Consultation and selection of companies
  • Inventory of companies present on the market
  • Writing of company tender documents
  • Examination and selection of candidates, analysis of tenders
  • Writing of the analysis report
  • Preparation of the works contract documents
Direction of works
  • Approval of operating works carried out by companies
  • Preparation of worksite and approval of the works schedule
  • Direction and monitoring of works (wells, tests, equipment)
  • Approval of execution of works
  • Supervision of works
Support in reception operations
  • Support for the contracting authority for the reception of works
  • Tests and validation of technical performance
  • Final scaling of pumping equipment
  • Organisation of operations prior to reception
  • Monitoring of stocks through to their extraction
Constitution of List of Completed Works
  • Final detailed accounts
Monitoring of operation of surface facilities
  • Monitoring and control of performance
  • Verification of the application of contractual clauses
  • Assistance: Technical Economic Administrative
Regulatory monitoring and operation recommendations
  • Application of prefectoral orders
  • Monitoring of physical-chemical parameters
  • Physical measurements
  • Diagraphs
  • Etc.
Service of wells Maintenance, preventive and curative programme
  • Submersible pump (ESP)
  • Anti-corrosion treatment (ongoing treatment tube at the bottom of the well)
  • Maintenance of casings (programme and contractor)
  • Supplies and guarantees on equipment
  • Etc.
Large-scale maintenance Operating guarantees
  • Diagnosis
  • Well cleaning (acidification, cleaning)
  • Resleeving, repairs
  • Maintenance valves and wellheads
Inventory and et continuity of operations
  • Expertise, advice
  • Rescaling of geothermal production resources
  • Optimisation of operations

December 2017

the 13th national meeting of AMORCE

Our Chief Executive Office Eric Lasne was a key note speaker during the 13th national meeting of AMORCE on district heating. The round table dealt with the renewable energy contribution…

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