CFG Services, making geothermics simple. A subsidiary of the BRGM.

Job vacancies


Carrying out the project

Customised methods for a better control of the technical constraints

Consultation and selection of companies
  • Inventory of companies present on the market
  • Writing of company tender documents
  • Examination and selection of candidates, analysis of tenders
  • Writing of the analysis report
  • Preparation of the works contract documents
Direction of works
  • Approval of operating works carried out by companies
  • Preparation of worksite and approval of the works schedule
  • Direction and monitoring of works (wells, tests, equipment)
  • Approval of execution of works
  • Supervision of works
Support in reception operations
  • Support for the contracting authority for the reception of works
  • Tests and validation of technical performance
  • Final scaling of pumping equipment
  • Organisation of operations prior to reception
  • Monitoring of stocks through to their extraction
Constitution of List of Completed Works
  • Final detailed accounts
Monitoring of operation of surface facilities
  • Monitoring and control of performance
  • Verification of the application of contractual clauses
  • Assistance: Technical Economic Administrative
Regulatory monitoring and operation recommendations
  • Application of prefectoral orders
  • Monitoring of physical-chemical parameters
  • Physical measurements
  • Diagraphs
  • Etc.
Service of wells Maintenance, preventive and curative programme
  • Submersible pump (ESP)
  • Anti-corrosion treatment (ongoing treatment tube at the bottom of the well)
  • Maintenance of casings (programme and contractor)
  • Supplies and guarantees on equipment
  • Etc.
Large-scale maintenance Operating guarantees
  • Diagnosis
  • Well cleaning (acidification, cleaning)
  • Resleeving, repairs
  • Maintenance valves and wellheads
Inventory and et continuity of operations
  • Expertise, advice
  • Rescaling of geothermal production resources
  • Optimisation of operations

March 2018

Geothermal breakfasts in The Netherlands…

The first edition of the geothermal breakfasts in The Netherlands took place on march 20th 2018 at the French Embassy located in the Hague. Organized with the great help of Business…

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