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Integrity checks and leak detection

CFG Services offers its customers a helium tracing technique for detecting leaks. This technique is used in many fields: buried pipes (drinking water supply and distribution networks, industrial fluid networks, fire-fighting networks, transport of hydrocarbons), regulatory inspections of the leakproofness of lines, evaluating the extension of underground cavities, natural or not, identifying the trajectory of underground galleries.

Integrity checks and leak detection

Detecting leaks in the district heating system of Corte city, Corsica (2013)

Adding helium to the heat transfer fluid (water)

  • Network buried at a depth between 60 cm and 1 m constituted by two pipelines distant from 150 mm allowing the coolant to go and return from the boiler room to buildings to be warmed
  • Pipes in pre-isolated carbon steel (coated with a polyurethane foam and a PEHD shell)
  • Flow of the circulating water : 300 m3/hour - service pressure : 6,6 bar
  • Exact position of the heating network localisez thanks to the radio-detector of CFG Services
  • Inspection of 3 km of network with its antennas without any operation shutdown in urban zones
  • 9 leaks localised among which the smallest detected by increase of only 0,9 parts per million of the content in helium of gases of the ground

Detecting leaks in a line transporting brine (2011)

Marking the brine with helium

  • CFG Services carried out a leak detection operation on a carbon steel pipe buried at a depth of 2 metres transporting 170 m3/h of brine
  • The leak was located with an accuracy of one metre on a 10-km section by a local increase of 2.4 parts per million in the helium content of the ground gases

Leakproofness inspection of a fire-fighting network and a cooling water circuit for a pharmaceutical company (2010)

Isolating and marking the water with helium in the sections to the inspected

  • CFG Services carried out the leakproofness inspection of 350 metres of fire-fighting network in DN 100 and 763 metres of the river water network from DN 200 to DN 700 used for cooling industrial facilities
  • The operation did not require any shut-down
  • The leaky valves and leaks in the pipes were located at the surface to within a few centimetres

Leakproofness inspection of a line carrying a halogenated hydrocarbon (2010)

Direct analysis of the organic vapours in gases collected in the ground

  • CFG Services carried out leakproofness inspections of a buried DN 150 carbon steel pipe transporting Vinyl Chloride Monomer by direct analysis of the gases collected in the ground
  • 20.2 km of buried pipes inspected
  • More than 2.5 kilometres inspected each day without disruption to the flow in the line

Leakproofness inspection of propylene/ethylene tubular heat exchangers (2009)

Adding helium to the ethylene circuit and searching for traces of helium in the propylene circuit

  • Detecting leaks on two assemblies of three tubular heat exchangers
  • The exchangers are mounted in series on the ethylene circuit and in parallel on the propylene circuit
  • Leak located on a heat exchanger without shutdown of the facility

Detecting leaks in a drinking water distribution network

First implementation of the operation for detecting leaks by helium tracing in Jordan

  • CFG Services carried out a leak detection operation over 30.5 km of a drinking water distribution network
  • Inspection of lines from DN 50 to DN 300 in DI, GI, PE and ST
  • More than 3.40 kilometres of line inspected each day
  • 39 leaks located
  • Total flow of the leaks estimated to be 15% of the water flow

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