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Maintenance and
operational monitoring

Monitor and check the performance of the production distribution and delivery tools

Monitoring operations

  • Monitoring of facilities within the regulatory framework of prefectorial orders.
  • Monitoring of operating parameters
  • Help in optimising the production
  • Periodic monitoring of the chemical properties of the geothermal fluids and of the corrosion inhibitor treatment on the production well

Installation, maintenance and service

  • Installation and maintenance of the well-heads
  • Total warranty contract on the submerged pumping equipment
  • Installation and maintenance of submerged pumping units
  • Conditional maintenance of the geothermal loop equipment (wells, submersible pumps, surface pumps, heat exchangers, speed drives, transformers)
  • Installation and maintenance of down-hole inhibitor treatment systems

Preventive and curative maintenance of the wells

  • Soft acidification of well casings
  • Integrity checking of borehole casings and tubing (borehole logging)
  • Project management of work-over tasks on the wells (cleaning, relining)

Tube descent unit

Pump manoeuvre

Our resources

Nos moyens

  • Engineers and technicians specialised in maintenance, electromechanics, drilling, geo chemistry and corrosion, physical on site measurements, hydrogeology, drawing and administration
  • Mobile on-site chemical and physical measurement units
  • Mobile intervention units for work sites
  • Submerged pump and treatment tube manoeuvring platform
  • Acidification equipment
  • Warehouse for heavy equipment on our Montmirail site, brine stock, equipment and spare parts stock
  • Safety equipment to ensure the safety of goods and people
  • Drafting workstation running Autocad
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Ils nous font confiance

December 2017

the 13th national meeting of AMORCE

Our Chief Executive Office Eric Lasne was a key note speaker during the 13th national meeting of AMORCE on district heating. The round table dealt with the renewable energy contribution…

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