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CHEVILLY-LARUE and L'HAY-LES-ROSES geothermal doublets - well recasing project : an innovative solution

Managing the life cycle of a doublet aiming the Dogger aquifer and the connected heating network is a major concern for the project owners and operators.

Identifying and implementing reliable solutions to guarantee the durability of the geothermal wells is essential for the different stakeholders involved.

CFG Services developed and proposed innovative and challenging technical solution to case the existing and ageing wells of the CHEVILLY-LARUE and L'HAY-LES-ROSES geothermal facilities (August 2015). Tubes made of composite materials (fiberglass) have been installed in order to establish the well's integrity for the next 15 to 20 years and to ensure that the installations will keep meeting the high energy demand of the heating network (one of the largest geothermal network (one of the largest geothermal network in Europe with more than 20 000 equivalent housing units connected).

December 2017

the 13th national meeting of AMORCE

Our Chief Executive Office Eric Lasne was a key note speaker during the 13th national meeting of AMORCE on district heating. The round table dealt with the renewable energy contribution…

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