CFG Services, making geothermics simple. A subsidiary of the BRGM.

Job vacancies

Conseil, expertise

Consulting, expertise


Evaluate the potential of your geothermal resource and define the means of using it, thanks to the expertise of CFG Services.

Our know-how

  • Survey of geothermal sources, exploration and assessment of their production capacity (heating/electricity)
  • Consulting and expertise in the fields of drilling, instrumentation and work-over
  • Support for the contracting authority in the areas of corrosion, deposits (scaling) and fluid treatments which are delicate from both the technical and regulatory points of view
  • Expertise in fluid geochemistry, risk of deposit, mixing of fluids, modelling of mineral balances
  • Expertise and advice in the field of curative and preventive maintenance of geothermal facilities
  • Financial expertise, funding search, grant applications and risk coverage…

Applicable fields

  • Low and high-energy geothermal fields in France and abroad

Our assets

  • A multidisciplinary team of specialists (geologists, hydrogeologists, reservoir engineers, geochemists, drillers, corrosion specialists, microbiologists, etc.)
  • Portable means of intervention and in-situ measurement
  • Modelling software for geothermal reservoirs and mineral balances
  • Over 25 years' experience in low- and high-energy geothermics assessment.

Rig mast

March 2018

Geothermal breakfasts in The Netherlands…

The first edition of the geothermal breakfasts in The Netherlands took place on march 20th 2018 at the French Embassy located in the Hague. Organized with the great help of Business…

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