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Montage de projet

Setting up the project

Starting point involving a prospecting phase and a study phase

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Promotion identification project
  • Opportunity studies
  • Identification of project and partners
  • Study of overall energy context
  • General strategy / regional summary
Evaluation prior to studies
  • Exploration (geological, geochemical, geophysical, general engineering, etc.)
  • Drilling and exploratory works contractor
  • Summary and analysis of existing data
  • Assessment of geothermal resources
  • Project’s preliminary technical-economic study (heat or electricity)
  • Regulatory, environmental and financial aspects
Pre-feasibility study
  • Assessment of surface requirements (existing and future)
  • Technical solutions
  • Energy reviews
  • Investment and subsidy elements
  • Economic and legal approaches
  • Contractual framework
  • Environmental prospects
Funding/Subsidies Legal framework Regulatory files Insurance
  • Search for funding/subsidies + legal framework
  • Regulatory documents (Mining Code)
  • Exclusive research permit for a geothermal deposit, permit for starting works and operations
  • Short and long-term guarantee applications + insurance (Comprehensive Worksites, SAF-Environment
Pre-feasibility study
  • Inventory
  • Geological and hydrogeological context
  • Alignment of resources and needs
  • Description of resource and development
  • Identification of different possible scenarios
  • Regulatory approach
Feasibility study
  • Review of the pre-feasibility study in a much more detailed context, integrating complementary data, any initial arbitration elements
  • Approaches among owners and managers – in-depth technical visits
  • Development of detailed and precise technical solutions
  • Associated energy and environmental reviews
  • Definition of investments and subsidies
  • Operation reviews with estimation of costs and revenue, integration of investments
  • Development of contractual frameworks
Feasibility study
  • Choix du scénario le plus adapté
  • Caractéristiques d’exploitation
  • Dimensionnement des ouvrages et équipements
  • Estimation des coûts d’investissement et d’exploitation
  • Évaluation des risques
Preliminary project
  • Hydrogeological impact studies
  • Modelling of thermodynamic interactions
  • Simulation of long-term behaviour of operations
  • Detailed analysis of environmental impacts
  • Definition of production and reinjection equipment
  • Detailed technical-economic analysis. Profitability of operations
  • Writing of detailed programme of works (civil engineering, drilling programmes and well tests, health and safety documents)
  • Scaling of equipment

March 2018

Geothermal breakfasts in The Netherlands…

The first edition of the geothermal breakfasts in The Netherlands took place on march 20th 2018 at the French Embassy located in the Hague. Organized with the great help of Business…

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