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Montage de projet

Setting up the project

Starting point involving a prospecting phase and a study phase

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Promotion identification project
  • Opportunity studies
  • Identification of project and partners
  • Study of overall energy context
  • General strategy / regional summary
Evaluation prior to studies
  • Exploration (geological, geochemical, geophysical, general engineering, etc.)
  • Drilling and exploratory works contractor
  • Summary and analysis of existing data
  • Assessment of geothermal resources
  • Project’s preliminary technical-economic study (heat or electricity)
  • Regulatory, environmental and financial aspects
Pre-feasibility study
  • Assessment of surface requirements (existing and future)
  • Technical solutions
  • Energy reviews
  • Investment and subsidy elements
  • Economic and legal approaches
  • Contractual framework
  • Environmental prospects
Funding/Subsidies Legal framework Regulatory files Insurance
  • Search for funding/subsidies + legal framework
  • Regulatory documents (Mining Code)
  • Exclusive research permit for a geothermal deposit, permit for starting works and operations
  • Short and long-term guarantee applications + insurance (Comprehensive Worksites, SAF-Environment
Pre-feasibility study
  • Inventory
  • Geological and hydrogeological context
  • Alignment of resources and needs
  • Description of resource and development
  • Identification of different possible scenarios
  • Regulatory approach
Feasibility study
  • Review of the pre-feasibility study in a much more detailed context, integrating complementary data, any initial arbitration elements
  • Approaches among owners and managers – in-depth technical visits
  • Development of detailed and precise technical solutions
  • Associated energy and environmental reviews
  • Definition of investments and subsidies
  • Operation reviews with estimation of costs and revenue, integration of investments
  • Development of contractual frameworks
Feasibility study
  • Choix du scénario le plus adapté
  • Caractéristiques d’exploitation
  • Dimensionnement des ouvrages et équipements
  • Estimation des coûts d’investissement et d’exploitation
  • Évaluation des risques
Preliminary project
  • Hydrogeological impact studies
  • Modelling of thermodynamic interactions
  • Simulation of long-term behaviour of operations
  • Detailed analysis of environmental impacts
  • Definition of production and reinjection equipment
  • Detailed technical-economic analysis. Profitability of operations
  • Writing of detailed programme of works (civil engineering, drilling programmes and well tests, health and safety documents)
  • Scaling of equipment

December 2017

the 13th national meeting of AMORCE

Our Chief Executive Office Eric Lasne was a key note speaker during the 13th national meeting of AMORCE on district heating. The round table dealt with the renewable energy contribution…

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