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Why choose geothermal energy ?

An ideal solution for producing heat and electricity

The fight against climate change and protecting the environment are major challenges for our future and our development.

In this context, the increasing use of renewable energies, provided for in the Grenelle Conference on the Environment, places geothermal energy at the heart of the concerns, in terms of achieving the heat and electricity generation targets. Geothermal energy has a very high potential for development; the heat of our earth is everywhere, mostly hidden from view and sometimes difficult to grasp, but when it is within reach from the geological point of view and relevant from the energy point of view, it is an environmentally-friendly, renewable and economical energy source. It is an extraordinary local energy, impervious to the vagaries of the weather and free from the risk of supply disruptions. It does not emit greenhouse gases, and requires neither transport nor storage..

France has set up guarantee mechanisms for the resource, which minimise the financial risks to contracting authorities. Many local authorities (in particular Ile-de-France and Aquitaine) and more and more manufacturers put their trust in geothermal energy. In favourable geographical areas (volcanic zones in particular), the development of geothermal energy for electricity generation is experiencing a significant boom. Geothermal energy projects are often regarded as complex and costly operations;CFG Services has the skills and experience necessary to make them simpler and to control their cost.. Such is our commitment, and our motto :
… Making geothermal energy simple. !

Fossil fuels

Supplying district heating networks or industrial activities

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March 2018

Geothermal breakfasts in The Netherlands…

The first edition of the geothermal breakfasts in The Netherlands took place on march 20th 2018 at the French Embassy located in the Hague. Organized with the great help of Business…

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