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Deep Geothermal Energy

Deep geothermal energy pictogram

Deep geothermal energy, also called high and low geothermal energy, for energy needs on an industrial scale.

Shallow Geothermal Energy

Shallow geothermal energy pictogram

Shallow Geothermal Energy, also known as low geothermal energy, serving housing and the tertiary sector.

Expertise & Consulting

Expertise and consulting pictogram

Take advantage of our Expertise, it is to benefit from our know-how in the service of your projects or your problems.

Leakage Detection & Resolution

Leakage detection and resolution pictogram

An uncovered or unexplained leak, we offer our Confidence Networks package: detection and resolution of the leak.

Labege Test Kits

Labege test kits pictogram

We design and market detection kits for bacteria that cause corrosion, including the Labege test kits.

You are interested in our services, do not hesitate:

You are interested in our services, do not hesitate: