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Labege Test Kits

Culture media for detection and counting of bacteria

Test kit Labege


Sulfato-reducing bacteria (BSR) and thiosulfato-reducing bacteria (BTR) are responsible for corrosion phenomena in oil, gas and geothermal installations, but also in processes and cooling circuits. It has recently been shown that, beyond sulphate-reducing bacteria, thiosulphate-reducing bacteria (BTR) are also responsible for the corrosion of ferrous metals (publication).

Our Labege Kits

CFG manufactures and markets culture media, called Labège test kits, dedicated to the detection and selective counting by the technique of the most probable number of bacteria (NPP) of sulphate-reducing (BSR) and thiosulphato-reducing (BTR) bacteria.

Unlike conventional culture media, the Labege test kit is composed of two carbon sources that allow the growth of all currently listed BSRs or BTRs including new species developing on acetate.

The Labege test kit for BSR contains a sulfur-free reducer that lowers the redox potential of the medium, allowing the growth of BSR including strict anaerobes.

Labege Kits Sale

Our BSR kits allow for a BSR count according to the recommendations of the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) No. TM0194-94 and API (American Petroleum Institute) No. RP38.

A complete range of salinities representing different natural environments is available. Our kits are made to order according to the desired salinity.

The products are kept 18 months after the date of manufacture.

The Labege test kits are sold in boxes of 6 bottles or individually.


Step 1

Using Test kit Labege step 1

Seeding using
a sterile syringe

Step 2

Using Test kit Labege step 2

Incubation for 21 days at the same temperature as the natural environment temperature of the sample

Step 3

Using Test kit Labege step 3

Reading results using the statistical table
of the most likely number

Other kits

CFG also manufactures and markets:

  • Test kits for detection and counting of total aerobic bacteria (BAT)
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Another test kit for detection

You are interested in our services, do not hesitate:

You are interested in our services, do not hesitate: