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Leakage Detection & Resolution

CFG offers a comprehensive network leakage control service.

Limitation of network leaks

CFG offers a complete service offering manufacturers a turnkey solution to limit network leakage:

  • Detection of the leak by means of helium tracing
  • Characterization of the possible bacterial origin of leakage by sample collection and laboratory analysis of filamentous bacteria in the iron cycle or use of the Labège test kit for detection and counting of sulphate-reducing bacteria (BSR) or thiosulfacto-reducing bacteria ( BTR)
  • Proposition of an injection solution of inhibitory product adapted to the bacterial origin of the leak.

The leak detection method

Helium tracing technique

The technique consists in marking with helium the fluid transported by pipes, or the air of underground cavities, then to look for the helium content in the soil gases.

Detection of gaseous compounds

If the pipe carries a gas (example: vinyl chloride monomer, ethylene, methane, hydrochloric acid …) then the marking of the fluid with helium is not necessarily necessary because the direct analysis can be implemented.

Advantages of CFG methods

  • They can be implemented without stopping the operation, whatever the diameter of the pipeline to be inspected and the nature of the material constituting it.
  • They are insensitive to the surrounding environment
  • They do not require direct contact with the pipe
  • Except particular handicaps related to the immediate environment of the pipeline (presence of a scabbard, soils saturated with water …), they are reliable and allow, in the majority of the cases, a semi-quantitative approach with a good sensitivity
  • Inert and non-polluting, helium has no impact, neither on the environment nor on human health. The helium tracing method is approved by the DGS for drinking water

Fields of application

  • Leak detection on underground pipes (drinking water supply and distribution networks, industrial fluid networks, fire networks, hydrocarbon transport)
  • Regulatory control of the watertightness of pipes
  • Evaluation of the extension of underground cavities, natural or otherwise
  • Identification of the trajectory of the underground galleries

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Our Means

Specialized Operators

CFG offers specialized operators, equipped with intervention vehicles, road or 4 × 4, specifically equipped for soil gas sampling and in situ analysis of helium.

Zoom on the characterization of the origin of the disorder

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Leak detection using helium

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