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Shallow geothermal energy

Shallow geothermal energy, also called very low energy geothermal energy, serving housing and the tertiary sector.


Shallow geothermal installations are confronted with pathologies related to corrosion, deposits and the development of bacteria (particularly the iron cycle). These disorders affect the productivity and / or injectivity of the wells and impair the performance of the facilities. CFG brings its know-how to projects and installations in very low energy requiring a high level of technical mastery. CFG can help operators to diagnose and help find solutions.


geothermal sampling

Feasibility study

CFG is involved in the study of geothermal resources and their valuation. The different stages of the study are as follows:

  • Geological and hydrogeological context and characterization of the resource
  • Hydraulic and thermal reservoir modeling
  • Resource mobilization and energy performance
  • Main characteristics of the drilling
  • Budget Economic Calculations (CAPEX) and Operating Expenses (OPEX)
  • Global analysis and synthesis


modeling and graphics


CFG has obtained the qualification OPQIBI 1007 relating to studies of geothermal resources RGE.

Subject mastery

CFG teams provide underground project management for the implementation of an energy production system. The different missions carried out are:

  • Development of regulatory dossiers (Water Law) and risk coverage (AQUAPAC insurance);
  • Assembly of subsidy files (ADEME Chaleur Fund)
  • Engineering design of the structure including hydrodynamic and thermal modeling
  • Consulting and selection of companies
  • Supervision of works


geothermal drilling

You are interested in our services, do not hesitate:

You are interested in our services, do not hesitate: