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CFG, french geothermal energy company, accompanies you throughout your geothermal project.


CFG is an engineering and services company specializing in geothermal energy for heat and power generation in France and abroad. Created in 1985, it is a wholly owned subsidiary of BRGM (French National Geological Survey). CFG also provides services, product manufacturing and sales in the fields of corrosion, industrial microbiology and leak detection on underground networks.

Aerial view of CFG

Our main customers

They are either local authorities or industrialists from the energy activity sectors and more specifically urban heating, water and chemical sectors.

Our activities

Our activities are divided into different sectors:


  • Studies in geology, hydrogeology, hydrochemistry, reservoir modeling
  • Regulatory engineering studies (feasibility study, geothermal potential, research permit, exploitation request, drilling authorization, license renewal, impact studies)
  • Project engineering (assistance to project management and project management in geothermal project, search for financing, legal and financial arrangements, rehabilitation of structures)
  • Drilling engineering (sizing, completion, drilling supervision, instrumentation, rehabilitation)
  • Leak test and leak detection in buried pipelines by helium tracing or direct analysis of soil gases
  • Studies, expertise and advice in the fields of corrosion, industrial microbiology and the environment
  • Maintenance, operation and monitoring of geothermal power plants
  • Marketing of products applied to monitoring and treatment against corrosion:
    • TCTFP (Downhole Continuous Tube for injection of treatment chemicals into production wells),
    • Labège Kit (a culture medium manufactured in our laboratory for the counting of sulphate-reducing and thiosulphate-reducing bacteria, total fermentative anaerobic bacteria and total aerobic bacteria),
    • Treatment products (anti-corrosion, anti-deposition, bactericidal): sizing of treatments and sale of products.

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Our engagements

Our actions towards the environment

  • Use an inexhaustible source of energy that does not produce waste while respecting the environment,
  • Integrate geothermal energy into renewable energies put forward for sustainable development,
  • Producing clean energy that does not contribute to climate degradation, unlike fossil fuels,
  • Join the objectives of the energy transition law.

Robust values

  • The strong and lasting commitment to the service of a different energy production: natural, local, respectful of the environment, competitive, topical and future-oriented: geothermal energy
  • Competence, to make complex projects simple. Specialized, reliable, humane, innovative and rigorous engineering to provide customized solutions and services for a growing contribution to the development of renewable energies in heat networks, industry and power generation.
  • Trust in our employees, our partners and the one we strive daily to establish in our relationships with our customers
  • Fairness, respect diversity and equal opportunities in the field of Human Resources. CFG, a subsidiary of the BRGM Group, has been part of the company agreement on professional equality since 2009.

Our goal: the satisfaction of our customers

  • Listen and understand their needs
  • Establish a climate of trust
  • Solve their problems
  • Accompany their projects in their own interest and in the respect of the general interest
  • Contribute to their competitiveness
  • Retain our customers and, by their contact, increase our performance.

Our convictions

  • Provide our clients with our skills, our know-how and the unique experience of our company and its employees
  • Keep our promises, respect deadlines, budgets and the rules of art. Preserve our independence and play our role of advice in all honesty, discretion and with a flawless professionalism.

Entrepreneurship and teamwork

As a multidisciplinary engineer team, we share our knowledge and work collectively to realize new projects and innovate.


Because a geothermal project is complex, engaging and capital-intensive, and because natural resources are sometimes “capricious”, CFG secures its approach by promoting targeted, technical, commercial and R&D partnerships with a permanent concern of sharing and mobilization towards the goal of its customers.


CFG’s activity is managed within two technical departments:

The Technical Department “Engineering – Project Management” for studies, engineering and project management.
The Technical Department “Maintenance Monitoring Operation” for maintenance activities, monitoring of operation, sales of equipment and products (including Kits Labège).

Georges PICARD



General Manager
Technical and Commercial Development Manager


Marie-Hélène BEDDELEM

Technical Director Engineering and Project Management



Administrative and Financial Director


Giovanni SCALISI

Technical Director Maintenance and Operation
Security Delegate


Gabrielle NEGREL

Geochemist – Project Manager
Quality delegate



Research and Development Manager


You are interested in our services, do not hesitate:

You are interested in our services, do not hesitate: